Speech is silver,
silence is golden

Our path over the last 20 years has been characterised by a wide variety of projects for well-known manufacturers and with which we have acquired our reputation for ‘expertise in paint’. Since our work mostly entails us working with discretion in the interests of our clients, we tend not to be in the foreground. This is not our aim at all, because we would much rather be the “competent partner for paint” for our customers and help them to achieve the desired project success.

As we are always working on innovations and safe processes for our customers, we apply the principle of confidentiality. Rest assured: with us no secrets leak out. However, you will find many of the components that we process in your immediate or wider surroundings, and hopefully be able to enjoy them.
There are a few photos representative of this. If you would like to know more, we will be happy to invite to you to our company. During our visitors’ tour you will have a full insight into our production and will be able to hold some corresponding sample components in your hand, because direct contact says a lot more than a picture.

And because we’re not just talkers but doers, if in doubt we’ll also lend a hand together inside our manufacturing plant, so that you understand us.


Would you like to find out more?

We will be happy to convince you of our extensive know-how in the field of surface engineering in a face-to-face meeting. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation! We look forward to meeting you!


Wilhelm-Bunsen-Str. 5
49685 Emstek, Germany
Tel 04473 9495-80

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