Nowhere do high-quality surfaces play such a decisive role as in the automotive industry. Appearance, haptics and design determine the product. As a specialist in high-end paint surfaces in the premium sector, for many years we have been the trusted partner for various marques and suppliers, impressing them not only with the latest 360º paint finishes, but also with our 360º customer service.

In our manual paint shop, we carry out for our customers everything from batch size 1 which is possible in some form by painting. It can sometimes happen that the raw part quality does not correspond to the expected quality of the component after finishing. As the customer, you determine the expenditure and results, for which we are happy provide you with our expertise in paint finishes.

Prototypes, micro-series, spare parts are all parts of the daily business of our manual paint shop.
With our state-of-the-art robotic paint system we consistently cover the segment of the small to medium series production painting with complicated component geometries, high-end surfaces (piano black, liquid chrome) and high colour change rates.
The reproducibility of the processes at all levels, colorimetry, complete documentation, the possibility of assembling corresponding component groups and 100% inspection round off our service for our automotive customers, providing you with security. Just as we communicate in our claim: securely applied – permanently secure. All this is underpinned with our certification to ISO 9001 -2015 as well as IATF 16949.

Small and medium series in the manual paint shop or also robotic paint application


High-end surfaces on complicated geometries also available in a wide range of colours


Process reliability, complete documentation in manual and robotic paint application


Including assembly of necessary component groups


Prototypes or spare parts are part of our daily business


Colorimetry as a particular expertise for the security of our customers


Certifications to ISO 9001 – 2015 and shortly also to IATF 16949



Prototyping requires a real passion as never before in order to produce a component from sometimes improvable first attempts or printed blanks, so much so that it makes you want to do more of it. For us it is both a challenge and an incentive, even though it is no secret that we would also like to take the projects forward, should they be implemented. You can be assured of absolute confidentiality on this point, as it is something that we regularly document with our customers.



We are happy to complete the work processes by carrying out the corresponding assembly operations. Trained personnel with an eye for detail will complete your components to the desired delivery standard.

Pad printing

Labelling, indicating or simply upgrading the design. These can all be realised with the help of pad printing. However, in order to guarantee our customers the desired security in construction, we have further developed the printing process. The Fraunhofer Institute confirms our process top print covered with their test report KT A415399, the painting standard according to the Volkswagen Group standard TL 211, which in turn means for you a corresponding safeguard for the use of such a product.


For some components, two-colour painting with corresponding masking (bonded or template) makes for interesting variants, working in one piece, instead of having to produce, paint and subsequently assemble in two parts. Although the amount of painting is certainly greater at this point, in individual cases it is always worth checking which is ultimately the more economical route or perhaps also in terms of weight.

Spare parts

We know that the end of series production does not mean the end of responsibility for the product, and we are happy to provide ongoing support for our customers. Because we think holistically and provide our customers with comprehensive support, we are also happy to be the partner for spare parts after the end of series production. In doing so we can repaint, reprint in batch size 1 in our manual paint shop or also in small and medium series with our robotic painting system.

One particular development to mention at this point is our in-house production process top grain secure specially for interior textured surfaces, which with extreme adhesion and minimal application thickness is precisely and perfectly preserves the texture, as confirmed by the respective test reports.

Would you like to find out more?

We will be happy to convince you of our extensive know-how in the field of surface engineering in a face-to-face meeting. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation! We look forward to meeting you!


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