Yacht interiors


The so-called ‘mega yachts’ are something of a closed book for many people. However, this does not apply to us. In the last 20 years the owner’s cabins and living areas of a wide variety of mega yachts have been fitted out with our coating systems. High-end, high-gloss surfaces are polished and actually were almost always state of the art. Through our work we were always able to convince the respective interior designers (who have always certified us) that we implemented their requirements to an excellent standard.

Strict confidentiality towards our customers permits us only to speak in words and dispense with the visual material, a fact which reflects the absolute exclusivity of this target group. Primarily wood surfaces with veneers (sliced, rotary-cut and sawn) of a wide variety of woods and colours from all over the world, birds eye veneers, solid wood panelling, to two-dimensional shell applications in relief on lightweight components of different colours, hand-laid, cast in transparent resins with final high-gloss lacquering on large-format wall cladding panels. Nothing is impossible!

Here the customer’s requirement is both our task and incentive, with which we create an incomparable visual and haptic experience. In doing so, what sort of substrates we process is then of secondary importance. Wood, plastic, glass or also metals are transformed with professional craftsmanship and years of expertise in coatings to uniquely beautiful surfaces that match the customer’s desired look & feel.

Long experience in the interior coatings of mega yachts


High-end surfaces in all conceivable geometries


Coating systems for all substrates (wood, plastics, glass, metals) or also lightweight components (with calibration if required)


Reliable colorimetry and gloss level measurement


Efficient capacity due to shift operation in our factory


Absolute adherence to deadlines and confidentiality


Nothing is impossible!


Individuality is our mission

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